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Stay Healthy. Stay Home. stay safe. 

And reach your goals while you do.

I have been taking remote lessons bi-weekly with Ryland since the beginning of quarantine. He has a sensational ear and is able to adjust my placement and build my talents as though we were in person.  His warm-ups and lessons have created consistency and progress for me, and I sing his praises to anyone curious or skeptical about working remotely!

 - Natalie L.

Ryland’s expertise, communication, and professionalism made it easy to forget I was learning remotely. 

Posture, breath work- the physics of finding my voice was not lost through remote learning. It’s a testament to Ryland’s expertise. 

 - Jon B.

Since we began doing virtual lessons, Ryland has not only helped me keep my voice in shape, but has continued to help me grow and exceed goals that I didn’t think were possible. 

 - Jenna B.

Ryland Shelton is hands down the best singing teacher I have ever had. He has completely transformed my voice in a way I never dreamed possible. Although we are physically across the city from one another, his infectious enthusiasm transcends the electronic platform, making remote learning with him as effective and joy-filled as it was when we were able to have lessons in person. I look forward to him lighting up my computer screen and can easily say that lessons with Ryland are the highlight of my week. 

 - Julia L.

Transitioning to remote sessions with Ryland has gone better than I could’ve hoped. Before the pandemic I felt that I had just started to make progress overcoming a great deal of anxiety about my voice and skill, and I was worried that moving to tele-lessons could take some of that away. Part of that progress involved focusing on things like vocal space, positioning, and body language, all things that would seem hard to engage with over a computer screen. After 6 months I can say with confidence that my worries were unfounded . While we aren’t in the same physical space, Ryland is able to create an empathic and supportive environment in which to learn, and he is still able to bring focus to the physical and anatomical aspects of singing that have been so important to my growth. 

 - Dave S.

training remotely gets results

we're using technology to our advantage!
  • Each client's individually tailored exercises are stored in a privately shared dropbox folder, so you can access your training materials wherever you may be. 

  • Zoom, FaceTime and Google Meet are all free of cost for one-on-one sessions, tested and proven to be reliable connections, and settings configurations for optimum audio relay are part of our setup. 

  • For those who want to listen to their sessions back, recording has never been easier

Discount packages available

*inquire for availability

Above all else, the health and safety of my clients is my first priority. In-studio sessions have resumed but remote sessions are also still available, and will be henceforth! Because, dang! did you read those testimonials?!


I look forward to working with you, however you are most comfortable.


ryland shelton
vocal coach

Los Angeles


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