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~~ Ryland has a literal and metaphysical grasp on what it takes to develop the human voice. He is dedicated, open-minded, forward thinking and articulate in ways that most vocalists and teachers can only dream about. He will go above and beyond to make sure you get what you need.~~

- Libby Lavella

vocal coach and speech pathologist

~~ Ryland is an exceptional communicator, helping me learn to get out of my own way and trust my voice that's already here. Together we developed a daily practice, specifically designed to strengthen my weaknesses and carve out the grooves I need in order to do my best work. Join forces with Ryland and you will build confidence, you will build YOUR voice, and you will move forward with excitement and anticipation!~~

Mark Skeens

actor, "The Grail Project" by Theatre Movement Bazaar

~~ Ryland has taught me how to make lasting changes to my voice that have made a huge difference in my life… He has an amazing ear and can hear things about my voice that I don’t even know how to put into words. We worked over a period of several months and he was a truly wonderful teacher, not only in terms of the work we did during the lessons but also his kindness, compassion and nurturing were equally important in helping me make the changes. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

- Sonja Brenna

actress and private client

~~ I needed someone that could help me evolve my rusty technique to gain vocal power while going thru FTM hormone therapy… He also understands that my voice is going thru changes, so everything is done in a healthy way, pushing forward my knowledge and practice while making it a safe transition!~~

- Ryan F., private client and emerging talent

~~Ryland and his teachings go far beyond what I expected. He listens and communicates incredibly. A fantastic learning experience. I would be more then happy to work with him in all aspects of my vocal work from basic training to studio technique and stage performance. Thank you thank you!!~~

- Shannon Murphy

lead singer: Miscellaneous The Band

~~ I have studied singing for over 20 years and Ryland was able to show me how to do things with my voice I didn’t know were possible, from day one. He’s a super kind and supportive coach, with incredible insight and know-how. Thoroughly recommend.~~

- Florence Hartigan

actress (Phoenix Forgotten) | singer | songwriter

~~ I really enjoyed my sessions with Ryland! He's such a nice, sweet and professional guy. Very welcoming and fun to work with. He made me feel at ease like I was just working with a friend. He really knows how to get your voice to a place much stronger than when you came in. I'm looking forward to working with him again soon. Highly recommended.~~

- Danette Wilson

actress (Star Thieves)

~~ I came to Ryland as a self-taught singer. I’ve been singing over the years relying solely on my natural ability and a few tips I’ve collected along the way. I thought this would be enough. But as time carried on I started encountering some issues that just weren’t going away. I started feeling physically exerted and didn’t know how to take my skill to the next level. Spending lots and lots of time continuing my vocal adventure alone and left with my limited knowledge, I decided I needed to get over my ego and seek some help. I’ve tried using online videos but I wasn’t convinced it was the right choice for me. I wanted someone to be right there. I wanted someone to be able to pinpoint the flaws in my technique which were causing me to run my voice into the ground. Mentioning this to Ryland and what I was looking to achieve, we got to work right away. Foremost, he was able to help me develop a solid foundation and understanding of not only how the body produces sound but how to approach the entirety of my range without harming myself. He was able to curate specific exercises and routines to correct my bad habits. I’ve been meeting with Ryland every week and each lesson I grow more aware of my instrument. We are able to track my progress. And best of all, we get to have fun while we do it. Ryland is articulate, an excellent communicator and patient. His vocal knowledge keeps me inspired to come back. I’ve been accessing parts of my voice that I never knew of. Our coaching sessions have been nothing but positive and progressive. I’m so grateful to be on my way to singing freely for the first time in my life. ~~

- OMRIII (Derrick Oshana) 

recording artist | singer | songwriter

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