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resume highlights

april - june 2017

The process began with tacking down vocal parts by ear from fully-produced demo recordings. From there, I created sheet music for our vocalists, led rehearsals for 8 weeks, and taught 16 songs to our five female stars. Each song contained between three- and five-part harmony. 

- I was performance coach throughout the recording phase in the studio, and was responsible for building an ambitious studio schedule of 14 songs over the course of 8 total studio days. 

- I continued to work through the entirety of the project with our executive producer and record producer as a consult on the final vocal mixes. 

the major motion picture
june - august 2017

I continued my work on this project as the on-set vocal coach on location in Savannah, Georgia for four weeks of filming.

Responsibilities included on-set playback accuracy, live singing creation, and music direction & performance coaching.

private client studio

Private clients include professional musicians and singer/ songwriters, actors, pop singers, theatre artists as well as those learning to sing for the first time.

TrueVoice vocal development
since late 2017

TrueVoice is an original vocal development program that works with members of the transgender community toward achieving a voice that more fully and truthfully expresses their gender identity.

We all know speech and music, for all they have in common, use distinct and separate parts of the brain for creation. And there are many physical factors that influence how our voices sound, not least of which are the patterns our brains use from habit to create speech. For many people in the transgender community, habits that have been created pre-transition that pertain to speech and vocal placement are incredibly difficult if not impossible to undo using more speech as an approach. Using musical technique and instruction, I work with participants to safely and conscientiously expand their range and find new habits to apply to their speaking voice with the goal of aligning it more closely with their self-identified gender.

I created and developed TrueVoice in late 2017 and early 2018 because I saw a need for an alternative support tool for the vocal development of the transgender community - and consequently for the fuller expression by members of that community. The program has been designed so it can be folded into existing support structures in group classes as well as accessed one-on-one with private clients. 

true voice small group classes: 
Trans*Feminine and trans*masculine
trans*lounge at the Los angeles LGBT Center
sessions ongoing
(Since february 2018)

TrueVoice was given its first group class environment opportunities at Trans*Lounge, the nation's foremost transgender community support and education program housed in the Los Angeles LGBT Center's The Village at Ed Gould Plaza. Trans*Lounge itself has approximately 1,000 participants and all cycles of the class have booked to capacity within hours of being released for enrollment, with waiting lists continuing to grow.  

The program continues to gain speed and has taken on a life of its own. More information at

training and experience


New York University - Steinhardt School

- Bachelor of Music cand., Vocal Performance


QP Magazine - Monthly Music Column,

"Cue Music: by Ryland Shelton"

September 2018 - January 2019

performance highlights

Festivals/ Tours: San Francisco International Arts Festival, Carnegie Hall Jazz Festival, Bighorn Music Festival, UNC - Greeley Jazz Festival. 

Los Angeles: House of Blues, Hotel Cafe, Spirit Studios, Blue Microphone Studios, Los Globos, Art Beyond the Glass, Genghis Cohen, Molly Malone's, Broadway Bar. 

San Francisco/ Bay Area: Hotel Utah, Blue Octopus, Fantasy Studios, Blue Bear School of Music.

New York: Rockwood Music Hall, Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Triads, Dixon Place.

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